The artist facilitator

My name is Charlotte Andrew, my Doctorate of Fine Art was based at Elam Art School, University of Auckland, NZ. I studied for a Master of Art at Central St Martins College, London. My undergraduate training was divided between Wimbledon School of Art, London and Corcoran Art College, Washington D.C.

My artistic focus is drawing, painting and sculpting the local landscape or architecture. It is also on the discussion/conversation about the local social and religious history and the art making processes used to create frescoes.


I am a naturally positive and enthusiastic person. Art is my passion and Sabina is an area that I love. Therefore, I aim to inspire participants to find useful ideas that may contribute to their art practice. My art has embraced experimentation over excellence. I am happy when both appear on the same plane, but that I find difficult to achieve on a regular basis!

teacher / pupil

Interchangeability of the roles of teacher and pupil is a philosophy that underpins my investigation of art. I believe that none of us is a master of all things. Therefore we have ideas or techniques to share and learn from. This is for me the fun of coming together as a group.


Food is a focus of my life and art because it presents an opportunity for time to relax and discuss or exchange ideas. I care about food and its significance in our lives. At the farmhouse we enjoy growing and making many elements of the meal. I try to share the produce with the group whenever it is possible.

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